A Fierce Debate on the Budget

Don't Surrender on Budget Priorities

Congress is in the midst of a fierce debate on the budget. In a Senate floor speech today, Bernie said it is absurd to provide tax breaks for millionaires while balancing the budget on the backs of working families. He attacked a House Republican proposal to cut more than $60 billion for the rest of this year. The bill would:
  • Cut $1.1 billion from Head Start depriving services for 218,000 children.
  • Cut $1.3 billion from Social Security delaying benefits for 500,000 Americans.
  • Slash $1.3 billion from community health centers taking primary health care from 11 million patients.
  • Reduce or eliminate Pell Grants for 9.4 million low-income college students.
  • Cut $405 million from Community Services Block Grants affecting 20 million seniors, families with children and the disabled.
  • End job training and other employment services for 8 million Americans.

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