What is a Real Conservative?

Traditional Conservatives Believe

What the GOP today Believes

Individuals choose their own lifestyles in pursuit of happiness

Government controls lifestyles based on moral values of select religious views

Government should not be allowed to spend more money than it has

Government can borrow and spend all it wants as long as it is cutting taxes for major corporations

Individual freedoms are more important than government efforts to engineer society

A strong central government should limit freedoms based on a perceived model of an ideal society

We shouldn’t care about liberals or other political idealists – accept any good ideas they may have and just focus on what is good for America

We must minimize and do battle with liberals and anyone else who disagrees with us in any way

Individual and political ethics form a cornerstone of good government and a safe and free society

Ethics are flexible when attacking liberals and other enemies

The founders of the Constitution were religious men correct in keeping the church out of government and government out of the church as set forth in the Constitution

The founders of the Constitution were religious men who intended that the governing of America (interpretation of the Constitution) follow Christian biblical interpretations

All the powers not specifically given to the federal government are powers of the states

The federal government should override the powers of the states on issues where the states do not follow the Republican platform

If it sounds stupid, it is probably stupid, or let’s call it what it is

We must do or accept anything or anybody who supports our position, period