Media Matters - The Limbaugh Wire for 04/14/2009

Limbaugh Hates America.

Media Matters - The Limbaugh Wire for 04/14/2009: "Hour 2: Limbaugh: Obama wouldn't have given order to shoot if he'd known 'the three Somali community organizers were actually young, black Muslim teenagers'

Published Tue, Apr 14, 2009 2:44pm ET

This hour of the Limbaugh Wire brought to you by Rush's tortured take on 24's environmentalism
By Simon Maloy

Rush got the second hour rolling by pointing out that we learned just today that the Somali pirates that held Captain Phillips hostage were teenagers. Based on this, Rush said: 'Now, just imaging the hue and cry had a Republican president ordered added the shooting of black teenagers on the high seas.' We weren't sure exactly what he was getting at here, but Rush continued in this vein, noting that on Fox News' Special Report last night, Mort Kondracke said that Obama did the right thing with regard to the pirates, and that he was in church with the president on Sunday, who looked 'preoccupied.' Rush said the reason Obama looked 'preoccupied' was that 'he was worried about the order he had given to wipe out three teenagers on the high seas. Black Muslim teenagers.' Rush also added that Obama might have been 'confused about why there was nobody screaming about how evil America was.'

Coming back from the break, Rush helpfully explained his comments from the top of the hour -- if George W. Bush had ordered pirates shot, that evil mainstream media would have reported that Bush ordered the killing of three black teenagers on the high seas. That seems perfectly likely to us. Rush then suspected that pirates had already infiltrated the U.S., reading from a story about how two men died in a sword fight in Indiana. But it turned out that the sword used was from World War II-era Japan, so Rush's theory went out the window."

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